Our core business is metal machining, cutting, sheet metal working, contructed mechanics, production of machine-frames according to the followings

Food industry

  • Parts of packaging machines for food industry
  • Grills
  • Parts of churn machines for large-scale kitchens

Medical technology

  • Pieces of diagnostic devices
  • Blood analysing mechanics
  • Labor-device mechanics
  • Pieces of rehabilitation machines
  • Pieces of dental machines
  • Pieces of metallic furniture for hospitals
  • Components for X-ray machnines

Banking and security technology

  • Mechanic parts of management systems
  • Document examining mechanics
  • Banknote examining mechanics
  • Mechanincs of banknote packaging machines

Textile industry

  • Components of knitting and weaving machines

Entertainment industry

  • Game machine mechanics

Catering trade

  • Kiosks
  • Warming units

Mechanical Engineering

  • Hegesztett gépvázak
  • Szekrények
  • Burkolatok

Printing industry

  • Components of printing machines

Building industry

  • Mechanics of tile-cutting machines
  • Pointer-cutting machines
  • Bars
  • Portals

Furniture industry

  • Shop facilities
  • Metallic furniture
  • Decoration elements


  • Industrial computer houses
  • Components
  • Mechanics of informatic terminals

Automotive industry

  • Wheel wedge
  • Parts of subway doors
  • Parts of street-cleaning machine


CNC laser cutting

CNC bending

CNC punching, pressing, nibbling



Surface handling