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Material supply > Production preparation > Production > Surface treatment > Packaging

Sheet metal working, cutting, producing mechanic parts and mounted units. .

From sample pieces to small and middle series we produce components of steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper- and plastic based parts.

CNC laser cutting

CNC bending

CNC punching, pressing, nibbling



Surface handling

CNC Laser cutting – Bending – Punching – Pressing

How do we work?

We purchase the necessary materials according to the needs of our clients, and we write the necessary programs for the manufacturing.

We cut or nib the metal sheets by laser, and we perform the edging and mechanic duties.

We construct the components by point-welding or gas-welding according to the needs.

The cutting duties are performed by lathe-turning, milling, grinding and by ploughing.

After the surface treatment of the components we construct it and after the quality checking we wrap it.

We also help in the delivery of the products if needed.


CNC Laser cutting

The laser cutting enables to cut shapes of different sizes and different complexity without burrs out of metallic sheets of different materials.

CNC Bending

We also bend components of big radius by staged bending, and by the harmonised work of upper and lower tools of wide bending range.

CNC Pressing

With using different tools, the machine produces pressed pieces emerging from the sheet without cutting.

CNC Nibbling

The machine cuts the contours of the desired pieces by the serial striking of cutting tools.

CNC Punching

With using different tools, the machine cuts pieces of different shape and size.


Manual polishing With vibrating-, edge-, and fiber polishing machine Mechanical polishing Wet polishing: work-range 900x900mmDry polishing: maximum length 2000mmManual soft polishing


Gas-welding: WIG, MÍG, MAG, TIGpoint-welding, tap-welding, soldering.


About us

We work with 80 people in average, in 4500 square metres, 10 kilometres from Budapest.

We are at service of our clients with our continuously expanded CNC machine park and tools, with the continuous checking during the process and at the end of it, and with our highly qualified experts and devotion to work, possessing several years of experience.

This background allows us for the capacity to fulfil specific needs effectively, precisely within a short time, and for the production of small and middle series.

The constantly good quality of our products, the competitive prices and the keeping of the deadlines are important for us.

At our company we have the possibility to not only produce metallic sheet components and turned componennts, but also to make fully comprehensive metal-working and therefore to produce complex and finished products.

We believe and also experience that our decent business attitude results in success both for us and for our clients.

We always intend to estabilish a close partner relationship with our clients, in order to fulfil their production needs to the most complex extent.

For the realisation of your ideas have resort to the knowledge of our highly qualified experts, who fulfil them with the help of our developed machine park quickly, precisely and in a high quality.

CNC Laser cutting – Bending – Punching – Pressing